A previous company left me in a bind. The price was so good, but they ended up bringing a unit that was less than desirable and didn’t bring all of it. I contacted Walk In Cooler Depot and spoke to Greg. Not only was it handled quickly, but the price was very good. Thank You!!
L. Multon

Opened a new store and funds were tight. Called around and didn’t get a good feel with a lot of companies. Greg got my unit handled and I am very happy with my cooler.
R. Fleischman

Quick, easy, and fair-priced for the work.
D. Husent

I’m a farmer and had a unit I had purchased elsewhere. The company left me in a bad spot because they did not finish the install and did not send all materials. Thanks Greg for getting this corrected for me.
P. Hamer

I sell walk-in coolers myself and was running in to issues getting orders out. I was dealing with a lot of customer complaints and I found Greg. He has helped me turn my business around due to his inventory and contacts.
R. Roberts

Purchased new walk-in display doors with used panels. What a difference in price from buying an all new unit. Thanks for the savings guys.
T. Davis

I purchased a 30,000 square foot unit for my farm and was very happy with the quality and price. I have already referred you guys out to 3 of my friends in the business.
J. Manald

Just opened a new floral warehouse. Very happy with my endless display doors that you found for me.
S. Fitzgerald